Computer Monitor Desk Mount - Space Bar with 4 ports USB


Here, we have a laptop desk stand both very design and practical. This Officeworks standing desk accessory supports the monitor, but can also be used as a keyboard organizer. Another interesting feature of this monitor stand for a desk, it is perfect as a high-speed USB hub. This stand desk mount is an interesting alternative to optimize storage space in the house or a room in the house. No need to worry about the state of the interior decoration with this monitor mount.

Generally speaking, you can use this monitor stand to install your monitor.  Below the monitor, desk mount you will discreetly place your keyboard when not in use. Regarding the riser monitor’s USB charger, its charging speed is almost as fast as the original cases. Charge as simply and quickly as possible phones and cameras, in short, everything that is USB compatible with the monitor arm. Certainly, all monitors are compatible with this monitor desk, but it is all adapted to receive an iMac!

With this device, you also have a computer monitor with a very modern design. The sleek and minimalist design of this desk display stand will suffice to accentuate the aesthetic touch of your interior. This is mainly due to its design material which is aluminum.  Avoiding the disaster of an untidy office has never been easy with this computer monitor. Otherwise, the keyboard is not the only thing you can store under the monitor desk mount. After all, there’s plenty of room for a lot of things. Optimize your storage with this alternative.  The monitor mount bracket itself can support up to 30.5 lbs.


  • Aviation grade aluminum alloy material, USES the edge serve grinding process.
  • Make the desk clean and tidy.
  • Come with USB charger, charging speed comparable to the original.
  • Make the desktop line clear.

Package contains:

  • 1x Computer Monitor Desk Mount – Space Bar with 4 ports USB