NEW IP67 Waterproof Activity Fitness Tracker Smartwatch


This NEW IP67 Activity Fitness Tracker Smartwatch seamlessly blends a premium design with the latest advanced features in 2019, making it easy and effortless to use. With automatic sleep tracking and guided breathing sessions. The fitness features of the smartwatch offer on-screen coaching and continuous heart rate monitoring.This Day-To-Night design Smartwatch has multi-day battery life, multiple clock faces and changeable bands.

Enjoy the wireless fast charging feature of this smartwatch when you need it most and go for longer with up to a week days' battery life from a single charge.


Explore with your "heart"

During exercise, with this activity tracker smartwatch check your real-time heart rate to learn about your progress. 


Test a runner with the data

By using inbuilt 3D accelerometer, track your current speed and distance, allowing you to look up speed and distance.


Develop your full potential,discover a better you

Calories calculation is based on heart rate and physical information. With this new waterproof smartwatch you can look up not only real-time heat consumption (in unit of Kcal) in training, but also the total heat consumption per training after training. 

Hard shell,stand up to the toughest environments

Backed by an international standard rating of IP67, VIBE 3 HR wrist watch has waterproof performance high up to 50-meter/164 ft, Hence, no water, dust, or dirt will soak into the smartwatch in daily life or on outdoor trips.  

The 3D interface

Unlike typical sports watches, VIBE 3 HR has a totally unique 3D interface. It is not necessary to study complicated graphs or reports to understand activity performance, the smartwatches face uses 3D animations to easily see at a glance one’s daily activities, sleep information, and more. It even has friendly inactivity reminders to help users be fitness-minded.

Motion effect function

Track your motions through the day, and indicate how the motions help to keep your health, the motion effect function allow to indicate in diagrams the average completion status of daily goals of daily, weekly, monthly motions, and provide beneficial feedback for you.

Smart sleep monitoring record

Good sleep is essential for health and happiness. The smartwatch newly launched a sleep monitoring bracelet with the function of advanced sleep analysis function, enabling good mastering of sleep, thus being a good mate in your stride toward a more balanced lifestyle.

Never miss the message

You can receive messages and call notification at any time connecting the smartwatch to your phone.


Shorten charging time

With a whopping standby time of 7 days. We couldn't find a smartwatch on the market that would out stand this battery time. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.