Shockproof Airpods Case


The Worlds First Airpods Case!

Keep your Airpods safe and attached to you at all times with the all-new Shockproof Case, made of silicone that gives the charging case grip for staying in your pocket and absorbing a fall in case of an accident, it has a clip attached as well.

The traditional charging cases outer layer is set up for disaster, it's small and made of smooth plastic. It easily slides out of your pocket, hands or bag and cracks easily on impact with the charging port left open at all times allowing dust and liquids to fry it.

With this case, you can clip it to your bag, hip or backpack. Enjoy your favorite activities and being busy without the stress of losing your pods! It also includes a dust plug opening that can be opened so you can charge your case and pods without removing the case itself. When closed, the flap plugs the charging port preventing liquids or dust to enter.

Each case made of silicone that can absorb meters of fall damage without scratches or cracks. It's textured material doesn't slip or slide around when in your pocket or bag, you can feel comfortable and confident you won't ever lose your Airpods.