Vibe X Smartwatch


Over three billion people in the world are active, hard workers and the number just keeps on growing. People in the 21st century are striving for a device which improves their lives around Productivity & Organization. Although, current smartwatches require daily charging & break easy.

Smartwatches have shown there uses in society as amazing helpers and have grown in popularity since there debut. But unlike other watches, the Vibe X Smartwatch doesn't need daily charging: Our standard battery stays charged for 33 months while being protected by the strongest carbon fiber shell & new high-grade gorilla glass. 

Fully compatible with Android & iOS devices, We promise, this is the ultimate smartwatch.

It's exhausting having to take care of every piece of technology like its a piece of glass. The Vibe X Smart Watch promises to be different. 

★★★★★ - "The Vibe X Smartwatch Is Incredibly Designed"

We'll admit it, the use of smartphones as tools has increased our productivity & organization. However, curiosity got the best of our design team and they wanted to see if there was something similar to a smartphone that was much more versatile. We believe that we should stop using products that are designed to break. Think about it, do you know anyone that has dropped there phone and the screen broke? We know we have.

During our research on the Vibe X SmartWatch, we immediately knew it would change peoples lives. With its 33-month battery life, a strong, tough carbon fiber shell to handle any weather, rain or shine. The Vibe X SmartWatch is full of features that will change your life.

★★★★★ - "It's waterproof, tracks fitness, and connects to my phone? What can't this watch do"

Some of the many features of The Vibe X Smartwatch:

  • Camera
  • Calendar
  • Time
  • Fitness tracker
  • Wateshockproofroof design
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Engineered designed comfort 

Whether you're female, male, young or old. We truly believe in the Vibe X Smartwatch  & that it is a valid option for anybody. Anybody can reward from using this smartwatch. Available in two colors - Combat Green & Spec-Ops Black.

The Vibe X Smartwatch  Changes The Game

Use it for:

  • Phone notifications
  • Bluetooth
  • Health tracker & fitness tracker
  • Alarm, time telling, and stopwatch